Welcome Back Monday! Friday Funday was a Success!

Friday I mentioned adding a little fun to our day, and I must say our Funday did not disappoint! 🙂

Knowing I was going to sprinkle in a few fun activities really changed my attitude, and as I walked in the door from the gym to greet the kids I had a little skip in my step.

I already loved everything about this Friday. After a week full of activities, we had no where we had to be this day.

As I prepared to make breakfast, I nonchalantly placed the kids’ new favorite card game, Exploding Kittens, (don’t judge the name, this is an Andy purchase) on the counter where I knew it would soon be discovered. Within 30 seconds our curly girl, who’s a huge fan of this game, spied it. After checking with me she exclaimed for all the house to hear, “We’re playing Exploding Kittens after breakfast!”


The cat was out of the bag. “Friday Funday is here!” I proclaimed to the excited entourage.

Suddenly no one was complaining about chores. Teeth were brushed quickly and the kids began trickling down the stairs in interesting outfits. “It’s our Friday Funday outfits,” I was told.


I looked down and realized I was in my Funday outfit, too. 🙂


Although, my Ugg slippers and sweatpants are my “every”day outfit, not exclusive to “fun”day. 🙂

After an exciting game of Exploding Kittens, where we all exploded except for Knox, I remembered we had a perfect snack to celebrate!

We headed to the kitchen and enjoyed eating chocolate kittens and then it was time to get some schoolwork done.


I told the kids that before lunch I would make an exciting announcement. Now, this was not initially a part of Funday, but the coincidence of the timing sure worked in my favor.

Early in February Drew has a history regional bee in Orlando. I was trying to figure out how to go with him, and what to do with the other 3 kids. Andy will have a busy week at work and I thought it might be too much to bring everyone down and back. Andy mentioned Drew and I spending the night instead of driving back too late, but that still left the issue of what to do with the other kids.

Friday on his way to work Andy came up with a perfect plan! Through a client he was able to secure Disney tickets for us. So the plan is, the kids and I will head to Drew’s competition, cheer him on, spend the night, and then wake up and go to Disney! This was the icing on the cake for Friday FUNDAY!


Since Friday was the inauguration of our new President, the kids and I watched the swearing in over lunch.


Another aspect of our Funday, was re-implementing a much needed break in our day. I’ve been missing our mandatory quiet times in the afternoon, and recently realized the need to reinstate it. I’ll include more about why I’m doing that in an upcoming post. So, following lunch we all enjoyed 30 minutes of rest and relaxation. Since I had an early start at the gym, this gave me some quiet time to enjoy my bible.


After finishing some more school work, Ellis picked our snack (hot chocolate) and I picked a show (Kids Baking Championship).


The day ended with some yummy Papa John’s (for the kids) and a date night for Mom and Dad. Sorry there’s no picture of us, I think we were just so excited to go out!


Our day had a few more additional “fun” moments than I originally thought there would be, like the big Disney announcement, but overall what I found is that it had more to do with my attitude and outlook, than on what we were actually doing. The game and snack and show were fun, but there was an element of joy that infiltrated our entire day. Sometimes a different perspective is all it takes to make any day a “Fun” day.

I hope you all had a Friday Funday! Maybe we can even add a little Fun to our Monday. Monday Funday anyone? 😉




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