Mommy, I Want to Be Just Like You

“Will you get your jewelry down? I want to be just like you.”

No longer alone in my closet I turned and smiled at my curly girl as I placed my box of jewelry on the carpet. Searching through the colorful necklaces and bracelets I witnessed her delight at being granted permission to look through her mommy’s things.

“Can I wear one of your dresses?” came the next request.

Continuing to get ready for the day I left her to carefully consider which outfit she should choose.

A few minutes later my girl called my name and I turned to ooh and ahh over the final product. My breath caught in my throat as I thought, “It looks like a wedding dress. My baby looks like a little bride.”


My mind fast forwarded to years down the road when mothers and daughters shop for that once in a lifetime gown. Will it really go that fast?

But, more importantly I considered, “do I want my baby girl to be just like me?”

Rocking my little ones to sleep through the years a particular song always seemed to come to mind. Singing these words softly, I realized this was more than a song, it was a prayer.

Lord, I want to be just like you.

Cause he (she) wants to be just like me.

I want to be a Holy example

For his (her) innocent eyes to see

Help me be a living Bible, Lord

That my little boy (girl) can read

I want to be just like You

Cause he (she) wants to be like me.

~Philips Craig & Dean

Listen to the song in its entirety here.

The lyrics of this song remind me that I want to be just like Him because my four precious blessings want to be just like me. May I continue to spend time with the One who truly transforms and molds me to be more like Him. This time must take priority in my life! I need to remember this on the busy, exhausting, and distracting days.

What are the challenges that keep you from spending time with the Lord? I encourage you this week to set aside a specific time to be with Him. Set an alarm, write in on your calendar, schedule it into your day.

Commune with the Lord before checking your email in the morning. Implement a quiet time after lunch so that as your kids enjoy down time, you do as well. Before turning on the TV at night consider pulling out your Bible and lingering in the Word.

My prayer for you is that this becomes a time you crave more than any other. That it fills you in a way unlike anything you’ve ever known. And that as you grow in the Lord you possess a joy that your kids, friends, and co-workers take notice of and declare, “I want what you have!”

Our Heavenly Father longs for time with us. Let’s pray that we are a people who long for time with Him.


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