Do you ever think about what Heaven will be like?

He was a young father with three kids under the age of 5 when his wife died in a car accident. Years later one of his teenage daughters died of the same injuries as her mother, also in a car accident.

It’s been over 10 years since a friend introduced me to Pastor Jon Courson. Since then I have listened to countless sermons. His teachings are simple, with depth. Pointing to Jesus, never himself. Imparting joy, regardless of the content.

Never once have I listened and not learned more about the Lord while being drawn into a closer relationship with Jesus.

Knowing a portion of Jon Courson’s testimony reminds me that he has walked hard paths through grief and loss, yet he continues to preach His good name. Now in his mid-60’s, I appreciate the wisdom and counsel that comes from a life lived walking with the Lord.

Upon rising in the mornings I often grab my phone and read Jon Courson’s devotion before doing anything else.

Opening my app this past weekend, I read a personal message about his son Peter-John, who has gone through severe medical issues for many years. His son had once again walked closely with death, but this time something different took place. He experienced a vision of Heaven. I hope you will click on Peter-John’s web-site to read a first hand description of the vision. (Heaven Part 1 will open and at the bottom you can continue clicking on his other entries pertaining to Heaven.)

There was something about the genuineness and simplicity in which he shared that got my attention. I began to consider, “How often do I think on Heaven?” This vision of Peter-John’s drew me in and made me want to go there, be there, experience there. But, I don’t live most of my days that way, yearning for Heaven in the way I wish I did.

Honestly, I like my family, my life, my world. But after reading this account, something stirred in my soul that made me desperately want to know more about the place I will spend eternity.

I’ve heard the following questions many times.

“Would you live your life differently if Jesus was in the room with you?”

“Would you witness more if you knew Jesus was coming back today?”

I appreciate the impact these questions make on my life. Grateful they help me to refocus my priorities.

But what about this? Would I live my life differently if I was truly yearning for Heaven? Would the cares of today pass away as I realized their insignificance compared to eternity?  Would I get so caught up in the pleasures of the world if I considered the greatest pleasure is yet to come?

Have I ever pondered, soaked in, reveled in the gift that was given to me as Jesus died on the cross? I’m excited even as I’m typing this, realizing the indescribable joy that comes from knowing my salvation is secured and I will be in paradise one day.

Jon Courson’s teaching on August 10th shares more on Peter-John’s story. I hope you’ll find an opportunity to listen and that it will impact you as much as it did me.

Let’s take time this week to consider the majestic glory of our final destination. Talk about it with a friend. Share it with your children. Discuss it around the dinner table and Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice! Let’s look forward to Heaven together.


*This picture was taken from the Mount of Beatitudes during my time in Israel 🙂 Beautiful, isn’t it? I can only imagine how beautiful Heaven will be.



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