What happened to the little evangelist?

Gathering the neighborhood puppies as they wriggled and playfully tugged one another’s ears, I attempted to circle them up to share about Jesus.

Sending letters and pictures to my unsaved grandmother, I held on to the hope that she would one day receive Him as her Savior.

Rejoicing as my best friend asked Jesus to live in her heart while playing together in her treehouse, I couldn’t wait for us to share the news with her parents.

Loving to tell others about Jesus as a young girl, I wonder what happened to her. The little evangelist who was bold for Christ. Proclaiming His name to family, friends, and even dogs. 🙂

It’s not difficult to uncover where she went. Man’s approval became louder than God’s voice.

In my teen years I was reminded of the importance of sharing Christ as I dealt with the death of my high school friend.

“Why don’t I know if she’s a Christian? Why don’t I know if she’s in Heaven?”

I thought of little else in the days following the accident.

We shared a seat on the school bus. Opportunity wasn’t the issue, man’s approval was. Acceptance trumped obedience.

Coming face to face with the reality of eternity was a turning point in my Christian walk. I never again wanted to repeat the words, “Why don’t I know if my friend, my family, my neighbor, is a Christian?”

The struggle continues as the desire for man’s approval slowly creeps back into my life. I hardly recognize it until I consider, “When’s the last time I’ve shared Christ with someone?”

Not the sharing with my believing friends of what He’s been doing in my life, but the sharing that makes me uncomfortable and my hands clammy because I wonder what they’ll think of me as I walk away.

Opportunity to share Christ surrounds me. I need to stop censoring my conversations and once again include words like…

“As I was reading my bible…”

“At church Sunday the pastor shared…”

“The other day when I prayed…”

The thing is, God is at work in my life. God is who I turn to in hard times. God is my encourager. To have meaningful conversations where He is edited out seems inauthentic.

The last thing I want to do is turn people off to Christ. But, I know when I’m hesitating sharing about the Lord because of man’s approval. I know when I’m editing my words to fit in. I know when I’ve walked away from a conversation realizing it was a missed opportunity to share about Him.

I’m praying the Lord helps me discern the situations in which I’m allowing the need for others’ acceptance to quiet my witness.

Instead of man’s approval being louder than God’s voice, it’s time I allow God’s voice to overpower man’s approval.

He’s not ashamed of me. I certainly don’t want to live my life ashamed of Him.

Romans 1:16

 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.



2 thoughts on “What happened to the little evangelist?

  1. Just love this, Kristen. I am so guilty of omitting spiritual things depending on who I’m talking to, and “allowing the need for others’ acceptance to quiet my witness” … such an awesome way to word that 🙂


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