Will you allow those in your life to dream?

They were dreamers. Young men making big plans following their graduation.

Walking behind I listened as they made exciting, adventurous, and daring plans! Plans I would never make.

I’m married to a dreamer. One with exciting, adventurous, and daring plans!

“Wouldn’t it be great to own a beach house?”

“I’d love to have a boat to enjoy as a family!”

“Where do you want to go? Let’s go on a trip just the two of us!”

These are a few of the “dreams” Andy has mentioned recently. But you see, I’m always ready to “help” him remember these ideas aren’t practical.

#1 “We can’t afford a beach house. Repairs and cleaning on top of that? No thank you.”

#2 “This boat is docked where? Sounds like a lot of hassle. “

#3 “Going on a trip means finding child care. It’s easier to wait for another time.”

Thank goodness I prevented us from these potential mistakes!

The more dreams I squash, the fewer dreams he shares. Proclaim death or speak life? It’s a choice I make with the words I deliver.

Memories made in a home by the waves and sand, a boat to spend more time together as a family, a trip to reconnect and enjoy one another? It actually sounds pretty terrific!

But, I’m safe. Scared of the unknown. Always avoiding risk. At times that’s okay, but it can be…boring. These amazing, sometimes terrifying dreams kick the boring out of our life!

A few years ago Andy dreamed again.

“Let’s buy this land and build a house with lots of room to run and play and enjoy.”

Time to inform him how expensive and difficult building can be. But, instead of destroying this dream, I chose to join him. Today I type these words from inside that beautiful, wonderful dream.


The home Andy envisioned is my favorite place in all the world! It’s serene and lovely and all Andy and I hoped for. We run and play and laugh. A true retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of Andy’s busy work life.

I want Andy to dream, but more than that, I want to dream with him!

As my children share their hopes, desires, and dreams, it’s important I become their greatest cheerleader! Speaking life, not death.

What if we all had someone in our corner? Would we dream more? Do more? Live more?

Who are the dreamers in your life? Don’t extinguish their excitement. Ignite the fire!

Who knows? You may just find your happy place. I know I did mine. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Will you allow those in your life to dream?

  1. I love this, Kristen! I am finally allowing myself to dream a bit, too. Fear, rather than practicality , has been my hesitancy. Thanks for the reminder of the enjoyment that comes when we do allow ourselves to dream.


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