The giant on the little bicycle was just me :)

We decided to face the heat head-on and head out for a bike ride. We hadn’t even gotten out of our driveway before Ellis was telling me her feet hurt and she was so hot! I was right there with her but decided that we needed some physical activity after being cooped up in the house hiding from the sweltering heat. Seriously…Florida is HOT! Our baby pool just isn’t cutting it. 🙂

Our adventure lasted about 5 minutes…okay, maybe 8, but it was definitely cut too short by one of my boy’s standards. He loves riding his bike, and many days can be found sneaking out for a quick ride before breakfast. I saw the disappointment on his face and knew I had the power to turn that frown upside down. 🙂

We returned home and I asked my oldest if he felt comfortable keeping the two littles while I went on a short ride with Knox.

Heading to the garage I realized that there was a slight problem. I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk fast enough to keep up with Knox, it was too hot for me to run alongside of him, and the icing on the cake…I don’t own a bicycle! But within seconds I had come up with a brilliant solution! I thought to myself, “I’m not that tall…I bet I could get away with riding Drew’s bike.” Yes. My bright idea involved my 10 year old son’s bike. I grabbed his bike, hopped on, and quickly realized that I was actually a little bit taller than I thought! 🙂 Oh well, time to go with the flow…

After a test drive I gave Knox the thumbs up and we were on our way.

I began to hear words of caution and  encouragement coming from my riding partner.

“You got it mom.”

“Be careful not to lean too far over.”

“Don’t go too fast!”

Then words that made my heart soar…

“This is so fun!”

“Isn’t it pretty out here?”

“I like riding my bike with you.”

We had an enjoyable ride around our lake talking and sharing. Our conversation wasn’t particularly deep or earth-shattering, just comfortable and easy.

We stopped once to take in the view of the lake. At least that’s what I told Knox. Really I was just trying to catch my breath! I laughed at myself as we passed new neighbors and I said hello. I’m almost positive I saw confusion on their faces as they realized I wasn’t a big child on a small bike, but actually a “smallish” adult…on a small bike. 🙂

As I huffed and puffed up that last hill, with knees up almost to my chin, I thought “this ride was so worth it!”

In this season it seems rare to find uninterrupted, alone time with one of my children. When those opportunities do arise I discover more of who they are and am amazed at how uniquely God has created each of them. I savor these moments and have to remind myself to look for those opportunities more often. Whether it’s a quick game of checkers with my game-loving boy, discussing a book with my reader, throwing a baseball with my sports guy, or playing baby dolls with my curly girl, this precious time never returns void.

The following week when I was leaving for a run and this guy asked to tag along, I was quick to say yes, remembering our special time from the week before. Look at the treasure that awaited us. We got to see the reminder of God’s promise, a beautiful rainbow. I’ve found that quality time always produces treasure.


So next time you’re in our neighborhood and see a giant on a little bike, honk your horn, wave at me, laugh, and know that I’m exactly where I want to be. Enjoying the gift of one-on-one time, deepening a relationship with one of my precious ones.

Oh, and next time you see Andy feel free to let him know it’s time to buy me a bike!!! 🙂


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