Sometimes all they want is to be held

I heard the crash and then the crying as one of my boys ran to me holding his broken Lego creation. As the tears ran down his face I assured him that we would try to fix it. This brought him little comfort as he insisted that we would never be able to put it back together the way it was. As he said this I realized that this may be true. This was a more complicated set and knowing just where to begin was going to be very difficult.

I was at a loss. I wanted to take away the sadness and disappointment but I realized that this was a problem I may not be able to fix.

Time and time again I receive the special assignment of providing comfort for my kids. There have been sports games where they have given it their all, but are still defeated. Scraped knees, bumps and bruises are an almost daily occurrence. Disagreements between siblings create tears and hurt feelings.

Often times I do what I can to “fix” the problem.

But, on this day, in this moment, I realized that often times I spend too much time trying to fix what has broken. As I looked at my son’s tear-filled eyes I felt helpless. What could I do? And then suddenly I knew. This tender son of mine could be held as he shared his disappointment and tears. Calling his name, with arms open wide, he came to me and allowed me to hold him until the hurt began to lessen.

Have you ever felt held by the Lord? Moments in your life where you knew the only comfort you could be feeling must be from Him?

He has carried me through seemingly impossible moments of discouragement, sadness, and brokenness. When I need to be held often times I turn to the Bible to read His words of comfort or I turn on praise music to bask in the beautiful melodies of those gifted with song. I talk with the Lord seeking His comfort and am reminded that He is always there. Whether I’m reading His words, singing praises, or talking with Him, His love is ever present and I know He will hold me as long as I need Him to.

Next time you or someone close to you is hurting, realize that no words may be necessary. Hold them if you can, show compassion, love, concern, and care, and then point them to the one that cares for us in every way. Allow them to be held by the greatest comforter of all.




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