How to say yes when you feel too young and too old!

This girl definitely thinks she is older than her three years.


My parents often tell the story of when I was a little girl, around Ellis’s age, and a family member tried to help me. I confidently announced, “Me do myself!”

Well, if ever there was a mini-me, I have one.

Recently, she and I headed to Target for a little girl time after dropping the boys at art class. As Ellis and I were getting out of the car this was how our conversation went.

“Let me help you put your boots back on.”

“I can do it myself.”

“Hold my hand and I’ll help you get down.”

“I can do it.”

As I reached for the handle to close the car door, I was quickly informed, “I can close it myself.”

There you go ladies and gentlemen…apparently she can do it all!

Now I know, and you know, and the rest of the world knows that a three year old can’t do everything all by herself, but in Ellis’s mind she believes that she can!

It made me examine and ponder when I lost this confidence, believing that I could do it myself. I don’t mean living a life independent and separate from God. I mean not letting insecurity steal the callings God has placed on my life.

I’m ready for this to change. This is the year I plan to step out in faith. This is the year I plan to be proactive in my callings. The year I will cast aside excuses and insecurities and follow after Him one step at a time, not turning to the left or right, but keeping my eyes focused on the One who has all of the answers.

This step of faith, of being ready to respond, was solidified as I was walking down the Mount of Beatitudes. You can read about that significant time here

Unexpected Journeys

Age is one of the areas that seems to hold me back.

“I’m too old to just now begin this journey.”

“I’m so behind on where I think I should be, what I think I should know, what I think I should have done by this point in my life.”

But on the other hand I’ll find myself saying,

“I’m too young to be responsible for this.”

“I don’t have enough experience to be qualified to complete this task.”

As I’ve been reading through the Old Testament I am struck by how God used the young and the old. Age wasn’t the main factor, their willingness and obedience were.

I have a lot to learn from this independent little curly haired girl who can do it herself.


When God asks something of me I will respond with willingness because I know He will equip me.

I am ready.

I am willing.

I am available.

Lord, I am here and I say yes.

What dreams, callings, or adventures have been cast aside because you believed that you were too young to make an impact or too old to begin now? Take these passions and gifts down from the shelf, dust them off and say yes!

And remember…age is just a number, or so I’ve been told. 🙂


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