God gave me you so that I could smile every day

As I was bathing Ellis one night recently, delighting in the fact that she is my daughter, I was suddenly overcome with the desire to let her know how much joy she brings me.

I began to tell her a story; a story about a mommy who God wanted to have smile every day. She sat captivated as I began to share…

“God decided that He was going to give me a very special baby. He put you, Ellis, in my tummy. You were so small! Each day you grew bigger and bigger and I would talk to you and tell you how much I loved you. Then it came time for me to meet you, so daddy drove us to the hospital. The doctor took you out of my belly and you began to cry. They brought you over and I immediately smiled because I finally got to see the baby girl that God had given to me.”

As I finished the story she wrapped her still wet, chubby arms around my neck and squeezed me as tightly as she could. As she released her hold I saw one of the largest, most extraordinary smiles I have ever seen on her little angel face.

I told her that because of her I have a reason to smile every day.

And it’s not just Ellis. God has gifted me with 3 uniquely wonderful boys, a husband who has walked by my side for 15 years, Godly parents and loving friends.

Why is it then that many days I feel I have nothing to smile about? The cares of the world and the frustrations of current circumstances can steal the smiles of the moment. These little moments get lost in the enormity of the struggles, hurts and disappointments.

But on this night, kneeling down on the tile of Ellis’s bathroom with her arms squeezing me as tightly as she could, expressing her delight in hearing these words, I realized that I have been given much to smile about.

I don’t want to walk around with a scowl on my face, but instead I want to enter a room expressing joy.

I have been given many things to smile about each day.

Today I will smile because God gave me this little girl and she certainly is a treasure.


2,000 years ago another baby was born in the town of Bethlehem. A baby born to give us a reason to smile every day. As difficult moments, discouraging days, or draining weeks come our way may we remember this child, our Savior, and smile. 🙂

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 2:11


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