The Most Important Appointment

I was diagnosed with epilepsy earlier this year and consequently was unable to drive for more than half of it.  You can only imagine how upcoming appointments were met with a groan and a sigh.  As I checked my calendar or received a reminder call for a visit to the doctor, dentist, or hair dresser, I would begin to rack my brain.

In addition to acquiring the usual baby sitter I would now also need a driver to deliver me to my appointment.

There were appointments canceled and rescheduled.  Appointments where my mother-in-law waited in the car until I was done.  One time I even had a sitter (driving my super cool mini-van), drop me off at my appointment, take the kids somewhere to keep them entertained, and then swing back by to pick me up!  Thanks for that one Molly! 🙂

This past Sunday, as I sat listening to one of our Pastors teach, I was struck with a reminder that I need to grasp hold of, one that needs to be brought to the forefront of my mind.  I believe this truth, but many times I allow it to get covered by distractions, busyness….life!

So here it is.

The important truth that needs uncovered.

We all have an appointment.


II Corinthians 5:10

This is an appointment that can’t be rescheduled or cancelled.

There aren’t drivers to schedule, baby-sitters to obtain, details to work out.

It’s not complicated.

I don’t know the time.  I don’t know the day.  But, what I do know is that there will be a moment I  stand before the Lord.

I want to live in anticipation of the day, not dread.

I want, to want to hear “well done good and faithful servant”.

Did you catch that?

I want, to want….

I long to get to the place where I truly desire, in the deepest part of my heart, soul, and mind to be a faithful servant.

It’s one thing to say, I want chocolate. (Which I do!  All the time!)

But it’s another to say I desire, crave, am consumed with my want of chocolate.  It satisfies my longing and yearning for something sweet, and when I’m holding a bag of pretzel m&m’s I’m anticipating the goodness of the flavor so much that I can hardly wait to rip into my bag!

  So not only do I want chocolate.  I want to want chocolate because I know how wonderfully fulfilling it is.

As I shared Sunday’s message with a friend she told me a quote by Martin Luther and it’s one I know will stay with me.

“There are two days in my calendar:  this day and that Day.”

What if each day I kept this in mind?  If I truly realized that my actions this day, affect my appointment on that Day.

That’s my prayer today.  I want to remember that an appointment is coming.  An appointment that determines my eternity.

Would this change the way you live?  Change your perspective on your current circumstances? Change your priorities and what you hold most valuable?

I know it does for me and I pray it does for you.


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