Merry Christmas!

Before the New Year gets ushered in, I wanted to share about our Christmas.

We had a wonderful time.  We ate scrumptious food, fellowshipped with family, and marveled at the joy of the kids as they opened their gifts.  I am delighted that the Lord continues to speak to my heart and I have some lessons I learned at Christmas this year that I will share in an upcoming post, but I want to set today aside for recapping the glorious time we had.

My parents traveled to join us and arrived in time for our Christmas Eve service at church.

IMG_9545   IMG_9533

I was assured by everyone that it was a lovely time.  Ellis and I got to enjoy Christmas Eve service in the lobby since she thought it would be a good idea to use the chairs as her personal running track while we were standing to sing.  I may not have felt the immediate need to escape, except for the fact that one of my former students and her family were in the row behind us and I was trying to save face.  Honestly though, I didn’t mind it a bit!  I sat amazed watching Ellis run around and jump from couch to couch with a joy-filled, contagious smile that never left her face.  Plus, I got to hang out with the other parents whose children brought them out to the lobby.  One dad remarked, “I don’t think it was such a good idea to sit so close to the balcony.”  🙂

Now that we live in a neighborhood with trails and much more room for outdoor activities, Andy and I decided that this would be the perfect year to gift the kids with bicycles.  We found an excellent sale for the boys’ bikes and assembly was included.  Score!  Unfortunately, they didn’t have a bike that was Ellis’s size, or that was Frozen-themed.  🙂  Good old Target.com to the rescue!  Our plan was to put her bike together Christmas Eve after the kids went to bed and, coincidentally, when my dad was in town to help (just in case).  Nothing is ever as easy as it seems as we soon discovered when we realized there was a screw missing.  One little piece doesn’t seem like it would affect that much, but without the screw there would be no seat.  So Andy and my dad headed to the 24 hour Wal-mart, which was closed.  Then luckily they discovered that Target was open!  Too bad they didn’t have the necessary part we were lacking.  Finally, making it home they scrounged around until they found a screw on an old, rusted bicyle that we had kept for no good reason.  All that mattered was that it did the trick!  Ellis’s bike got it’s much needed seat.


Our Christmas morning was terrific!

The kids were filled with excitement waiting at the top of the stairs until they were called down.


Their new bikes were the first things to greet them as they rounded the corner.


My curly girl now has some pets she adores.  Meet Lucy dog and Lucy cat. 🙂


Leading up to Christmas she repeatedly told us that she wanted a Minnie Mouse Kitchen.  In our playroom is a kitchen we have had for years, and so I did my best to talk her out of this request.  It didn’t work.  Every time you would ask what she wanted, her answer never changed.  In the picture below, can you see what she’s holding?  As soon as she realized the treasure she had, she grabbed the scissors and was ready to open the box.

She was right.  This kitchen is fun and adorable and was exactly what she wanted.


Our littlest guy had a fantastic time opening presents!  These pictures sum up his morning.


There were some jumbo lego sets for the big boys.

Star Wars of course



With three boys, some gifts just had to be shared….

…like another lego set,

IMG_9558  IMG_9559

a play-station game,

IMG_9556  IMG_9555

and a football goal post.

IMG_9561  IMG_9562

Andy and I had some fun too!

One of his gifts was a weighted vest to wear at the gym.  Isn’t working out hard enough?


I got Kate Spade Earrings I had requested and some UGG slippers.

                                                          Cute                           &                    Comfy

IMG_9534  IMG_9548

As our day continued I kept reminding myself of my previous post, Choosing What is Better.

Did I choose what was better?  I hope so, and I hope these four thought so, too.


I did a lot of Choosing what is better when it came to our traditional Christmas Morning Monkey Bread.

See, it isn’t always hard! 🙂


I would love to hear about your Christmas.  Each of us have our own stories, our own day, our own experiences.  Some of them may be full of joy and some may be filled with pain.  This was a glimpse into one of my days, a day I will rejoice over as I think back on it, but not all of my days are like this one.  There are days I have to give to Jesus because the pain is too great, the burden is too heavy, or the patience is too thin.

Whatever your situation may be, I hope you will choose to share the joys AND the pain, the triumphs AND the failures, the good AND… the not so good.  Let’s give one another more than a snapshot of our life, but intentionally choose to share who we truly are.  It’s then that I believe we can really “do life” with one another.

In the joys and the sorrows, to God be the glory.  Amen.


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