Choosing What is Better

Last month I had the opportunity to share about my amazing trip to Israel.  When I first arrived home it was somewhat overwhelming to tell others about my experience.  As the days turned into weeks, I found that I had time to process my time in the Holy Land and I was ready to share that with others.

Mornings, while the sun was still hidden, I settled in my closet with a pillow and fuzzy blanket to unpack the truths I learned through the teachings, to rediscover from my journaling the ways God spoke directly to my heart bringing encouragement and direction, and to sit with the Lord; reading His Word and talking with Him.

What I found was that my trip was even more impactful than I had realized!  I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about it!  I invited anyone who was interested to come to my home so that I could share my Holy Land experience with them.

For as long as I can remember, any time I would share or speak in front of others I would get anxious wondering if I would use the right words and do an adequate job of getting my point across.  So, I would prepare and prepare… and then prepare some more!

As I continued poring over my notes, journal, and pictures from my time away, I found that excitement was building, not apprehension.  I was not only ready to share, I couldn’t wait to tell others about this extraordinary trip!

The day of my sharing night arrived.  We headed off that morning to our homeschool co-op as usual.  When we arrived home that afternoon I considered grabbing my notes and reviewing them for that evening, but instead I checked my Proverbs 31 First 5 App and saw their verse for the day.

Matthew 10:19-20

But when they deliver you up, do not worry about how or what you should speak.  For it will be given to you in that hour what you should speak; for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you.

These verses are talking about that when we come against persecution we are not to worry because God will give us the words we need.  But, for me, on this day, it was an encouragement, a reminder that I didn’t need every word memorized and planned out for that night.  I had studied, written notes and prepared and I believed that when my words were lacking that night He would be the one to speak.  Ultimately that was my desire and hope.

So…to the point of this story….Choosing what is better.  That afternoon, instead of allowing anxiety and the desire to over-prepare take hold of me, I sat on the couch surrounded by my kids and watched a movie.  “I’m choosing what is better,” are the words that filled my thoughts over and over.

And you know what?  That night the words flowed off of my tongue and from my heart.  The words I shared were the words the Lord brought to my mind in that moment.  I truly believe that with my whole heart.

Choosing what is better is something I have to be intentional about.  Choosing what is better flows over into many areas of my life.

I want to choose what is better with

*my time with the kids

*how I speak to Andy

*what I talk about with my friends

*how I spend my free time

There are other places to choose what is better that the Lord is revealing to me little by little and I want to be open to receiving them.  It is one thing to hear and to see, but another to actually take action and apply it.  Trying to change everything all at once is overwhelming, so I am going to take it slowly, choosing one or two areas I want to prioritize.

Ever since the moment with the kids on the couch this thought frequently comes to mind when I am conflicted about what to do, and I am thankful that God shared this insight with me.

As Christmas arrives I am Choosing What is Better, with whatever shape and form that takes.

For me personally, that means putting my phone down, except to take pictures of course. 🙂  It means spending time with the kids playing games, cuddling, watching movies and letting the dishes sit so that I can be fully engaged in the moment.  It means softening my tone with them and giving an extra measure of grace.  It means thinking of others’ happiness above my own.  I’m sure there are many other ways that choosing what is better will be the choice I should make this week, and I plan to be intentional, aware, and available.

Are there ways you can Choose What is Better this Christmas?  Maybe you are already exceptional in this area, but if not I pray that this phrase will be brought to your mind during this wonderful season.

So, as I’m Choosing What is Better I’m going to go and join my hubby on the couch so that we can watch the movie he has chosen for us and enjoy this night together. 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!



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