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Welcome to Girl Curls!

I decided it was time to update my blog, so welcome to Girl Curls.  Where did that name come from? From this little girl with curls, of course.  🙂

Everywhere we go someone will comment on her curls.

“She looks just like Shirley Temple.”

“Look at those pretty curls.”

“Can I touch her hair?”

Yes, I really have had people stop me to ask if they can touch her hair.  These older women seem to delight in feeling her curls and then proceed to smile and share sweet words with our girl.

One of the questions I get most often is, “Where did she get those curls?”

When I was younger I had curly hair too, and from pictures I saw of Andy as a toddler, so did he.  Here is Ellis holding a picture of me as a young girl.  When my dad showed this to her and asked her who it was, she said, “Me!” Although we didn’t have the ringlets she has, I’m sure we contributed to her curls.   So, really the best answer I can come up with is that she is who she is because that’s how God made her, and because her parents had curly hair, people!  🙂


So why use Girl Curls as the name of my blog?

I was recently reading Genesis 5 and the repetition jumped off of the page at me…

Adam lived…and then he died.

Seth lived…and then he died.

Enosh lived…and then he died.

It goes through several more names like this, and then we come to Enoch.

Enoch’s passage was different.  He lived and became a father like the rest of them, but then his story is interrupted when it is noted that “Enoch walked with God…”  He had other sons and daughters and then we read again “Enoch walked with God…” (Genesis 5:22-23)

I want that to be my story.  I don’t want my story to be that Kristen lived and then she died.  Leaving a legacy is what I desire.  I want a story interrupted.  I want it known that “Kristen walked with God”.

I want to share truths that the Lord teaches me with my curly haired girl (and her brothers). 🙂

So here is my place.  My canvas to share my legacy.  To write the words God gives me.  This won’t just be a place of Bible verses, but also an area to share stories of our every day life.

I hope you’ll consider joining me as I share about my faith and family.  Leaving a legacy of words for my curly haired girl and her brothers.



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